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Hi Marianne

I just want to say thank you and well done to you and your VM team. I bug you guys with questions or issues at least once a week (if not more J and your staff are always so helpful, so amazing and so friendly and always help me. So well done – I know how hard it is to lead a team and you are getting something very right. Please tell everyone at VM they are very appreciated! Especially Stefan and Shaun who always come to our rescue.

We have a few FB pages where often someone will ask which computer system others recommend and I sing your praises louder and clear! Even had a vet in Namibia – Saskia that I converted onto it for her vetshop.
Dr. Le-Anne Kleynhans
Bromhof Veterinary Clinic
Mariaan en Vetmaster-personeel,

Graag wil ek names Pietersburg Dierekliniek in Polokwane dankie se vir 'n besonderse rekenaarprogram. Ons gebruik Vetmaster al vir baie jare nog lank voordat dit so gebruikersvriendelik soos nou is. As ek terugkyk hoe die program elke jaar net beter en beter geword het wat alle promosies, exstrale, verslae, enige boekhou-opsommings, omsette, swakplekke in die praktyk en nog baie meer funksies, te veel om op te noem, in 'n oogwink bymekaar kan bring, dan kan ons nie anders as om te getuig dat ons as 'n groot praktyk in Limpopo nie so in besigheid sou kon groei nie as ons nie Vetmaster gebruik het nie.

Ook wil ek dankie se vir julle as die Vetmaster span wat ons goed opgelei het en nog net altyd beskikbaar was vir enige probleme. Ook enige veranderings soos waar julle al vir ons op spesiale aanvraag, funksies in die program ingeskryf het om ons bestuur makliker te maak.

Ons stel julle flinke, professionele diens en ondersteuning hoog op prys.
Nogmaals dankie
Hanlie Pelser
*Dear Reader,

In the society we live in today, everybody always complains before they compliment. This happens to me on a daily basis being a veterinarian serving people everyday of my life. It is always easier to complain about something that is perceived to be wrong or incorrect regarding client service.

Consequently, I made a conscious decision to complement someone where compliments are due about a service rendered. That way I find it a lot easier to deal with people complaining on a daily basis, because I know I am making the world a better place by investing positive energy.

And every time I insist on speaking to a team leader / manager, a compliment is so appreciated and valued, it builds such a good and appropriate team spirit of appreciation.

I phoned Vetmaster earlier this week with a problem on one of our computers that was hampering quick and efficient client service. Hannes van Schalkwyk helped me calmly, quickly, and progressively so that I could follow and understand where the problem originated from.

The difference between being effective and being efficient is the following: if you are effective, you are doing the right thing, but when you are efficient you do the thing right. Vetmaster is always efficient.

Thank you to you Hannes, and thank you Marianne for the efficient client service which enables me to be efficient.

I am grateful, and can recommend Vetmaster as a software solution to any veterinary practice, because the technical support is always reliable and efficient.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours in Science and Efficiency,
Dr. Casper van Heerden
Roodekruin Dierekliniek
* “About a year and a half ago , we started looking around for a new “Veterinary” computer program as our one at the time – was becoming frustrating to use and was not able to do searches and reminders that our growing practice required. We looked at 3 other programs but decided to upgrade from the old Vetmaster to the new Vetmaster The data conversion was an extremely easy process and the training took a day. It is a very user friendly system –with a excellent management side. We are now able to do detailed patient searches , to create even more reminders and store more detail than before. After reluctantly changing – we have never looked back. The Vetmaster Team is also locally based and helps us very promptly and efficiently with any technical queries or suggestions from our side.” Dr Simon Rigby St Francis Veterinary Hospital.

* We have been using Vetmaster at the Gaborone Veterinary Clinic for a while now and we love it! Our license is running out in a few days so please register us, so we can continue with the fantastic program.
Dr. D.D. Coyne
BVMS, BSc.(Vet Biol)
Hello Marianne,

We are writing you to let you know that we have loved having Vet Master as our vet practice’s software program for the last year and a half.

Our lives are so much easier now that we have a software program that is user-friendly and trustworthy.

Thank you for always being available to help us thru the tricky spots.

Your support team is one of the finest we have ever dealt with.

Thank you for making our work more fun and organized!!!

All the best for the rest of 2012!
Take care,
Axel & Elizabeth Hartmann
Otjiwarongo Veterinary Clinic
“From the word go Bruce had an incredible impact on the productivity of the group of Veterinary Hospitals for which he was directly responsible, growing it during his tenure by 24.2% and increasing the net profit by an impressive 40.6%. His boundless energy and infectious personality was a breath of fresh air to all that came in contact with him. This is someone who is results driven and is tireless in his pursuit of excellence. His ability to inspire people around him to join him on his journey of providing excellent client service while strictly controlling costs is truly impressive. I would whole heartedly recommend Bruce in any of his future pursuits in any industry as I sincerely believe that the skills Bruce has and the character he possesses would be an asset to any company.”
Wesley Beckenham
Regional Director, CVS (UK) Ltd
“Good morning, Vetmaster

We have come to realise Digitail was in fact not a well suited programme for our practice.

We would like to continue our contract with Vetmaster.

Please advise - and send any documentation if needed.

Kind Regards,”
Tristen Beard
Practice Manager
Dear Bruce,

After almost 1 year, now is a good time to look back and see the effect of changing our Management Software to Vetmaster, coupled with your practice assessment and advice.

Our practice turnover has increased by almost 13% year on year, and our present average transaction fee is 50% more than it was last year! These are wonderful figures, and I am very happy with the improvement. I wouldn't have been able to do it without Bruce & the Vetmaster program.

This is just the start though. I know that there is still a lot more potential in my practice that will be brought to light in the following months and years.

These are only figures of course, and I would like to put them into context. I could play Devil's advocate and argue that the changes are simply due to the economy improving, along with local changes that have improved business conditions in general. I also have finally found a Vet assistant that really pulls her weight and does her job properly. However, although these statements are true, I know that I wouldn't have been able to take advantage of the improved climate using the old tools and attitude that I had. Also, part of the reason my new assistant is doing so well is that she has the tools at her disposal, and she is part of a practice that's actually going somewhere! Having been employer and employee, I know what a difference these factors make.

We would be doing even better if it wasn't for various factors that have been holding us back. I still need to install some equipment that will make Vetmaster even more efficient and user friendly (e.g. finger print log-in, label printers, bar code scanners, better internet connection). We are also still in the process of finding more suitable staff for various key positions. This is a process that will speed up as our cash flow improves.

The Vetmaster program is excellent. Our previous system simply does not compare.

I was initially not happy about the price we had to pay, but I can now see that we are getting value for money. But having a wonderful program will not turn your business around by itself. The reason I decided to use the Vetmaster program was because I wanted Bruce's input and advice in my practice. You can't have one without the other!

So what specifically did Bruce do that made such a difference? There was an immediate improvement in the first few months after making all the changes. Obviously I was very pleased with this, but I said to myself (and to Bruce), that we need to know what we're doing right, instead of just being happy and bumbling along until the wheels fall off again! We need to identify what we're doing right and keep doing it.

Let me start with what we were doing wrong. We were really in a bad place when Bruce came to see us. We were affected by the recession, just like everyone else, but we also had a few special extras that made it even worse. I had to close 2 of my Vet shops in quick succession, leaving me with debt burdens that negatively affected my hospital's cash flow (as well as my general attitude and stress levels!). My cash flow was stretched further by having to buy out 2 partners in fairly quick succession. They went off to greener pastures while I was left holding the baby! Extensive road works, the building & revamping of shopping centers & office blocks across the road from the hospital resulted in this area becoming a "no-go" zone for anyone but the locals and the very determined. This lasted for 2 years! I often wonder how much better I would have done in this time with a program that I could use properly for marketing purposes and a better attitude from me and my staff...

I was demotivated, stressed and felt that I was under huge pressure, with very few options open to me. I was seriously considering selling the practice and property and becoming a beach bum! I had started down the slippery slope of giving discounts, entering into a price "war" with my colleagues, etc.

Fortunately I value and enjoy my profession highly, and decided to give Bruce a chance to turn things around, as he assured me he could.

So what did we improve? Bruce taught me to value my skills and abilities again, and to not be shy to charge for them. My staff needed to buy into this too, so that they didn't see our fees as expensive, or want to save the clients money. My staff now adds stuff to the bill that they see I have forgotten, as well as "selling up": getting the client to buy stuff that we know they need. I had gotten into a terrible habit of not charging for everything I did (e.g. blood smears, ear smears, fluorescence eye tests, etc, etc), or even all the consumables I used. I didn't think that leaving off the odd consumable or small volume of medication would make a difference. With Vetmaster's stock system and all the reports we can generate, I can see for myself how these things add up!

We brought in a few policy changes as well. The most valuable and important, in my opinion, is the 100% deposit policy. We make an estimate for each procedure, and the client pays up front when the patient is admitted. If the actual treatment differs from the estimate, the client either has a credit (very seldom!), or pays in the difference. This sounds like a very logical, practical management decision; which it is, but it has effects way beyond that. An important one is that it puts the practice in a position of power and respect. If the client is allowed to have the attitude of "I'll pay you later, when I feel like it, and as much as I can afford at that time"... then they are obviously in a position of power. By taking a 100% deposit, we let them know that we are in charge, and are not to be messed with: all in a very polite, friendly, non-aggressive way. Of course, this also ensures that the client is serious about having the treatment done, and serious about actually paying. The awkward situation of having done the treatment only to discover that the client doesn't actually have the funds is eliminated. They decide at admission, not at discharge. This policy means that we have practically eliminated our bad debts, and we don't waste precious time, energy and karma chasing clients who don't want to pay! Another interesting effect is my attitude to the clients and what I am prepared to do for them. I realised that I was becoming cynical when faced with a client that I knew owed me money, or that was unlikely to pay. They were abusing my compassion for animals, and were showing disrespect for my time and skills. Now that I get paid upfront, I am highly motivated to live up to what the clients expect and want from me, and appreciate the trust they put in my skills and the respect that they are showing for my time. Money talks!

Another important concept Bruce brought home to me is the danger of being "too busy to make money". We need to structure our practice so that we have the time, energy and inclination to give our patients and clients the best possible treatment. This involves appointments, having enough Vets on duty, structuring everyone's work time properly, and making sure the Vets (and support staff) have enough time off to recharge and stay motivated.

Thank you, very much: Bruce, Ewald, Marianne and the Libralex team.

I have turned my business around, but I couldn't have done it without you.

I'm looking forward to many more years of continued success.

All the Best,
Dave Kenyon Hatfield
Bird and Animal clinic
Dear Marianne

Thank you for you and your team's amazing efforts in putting together an excellent program. Vetmaster is saving us so much time and is so easy to operate. Looking back, I don't know how we managed all these years without Vetmaster. We could have saved ourselves a lot of trouble and frustration. Thank you for this excellent software. We would recommend it for any veterinary practice big or small. We are looking forward to the App you are making available. I believe it will be an excellent tool to use just as Vetmaster

Thank you for all your efforts, continued support and excellent and quick feedback, and that we can always bother you and your team when we hit a dead end.

Kind regards
Dr BJ Grobler
Beaufort Dierekliniek