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Libralex was founded in 1990 as a software development company specialising in unique systems for niche markets.

Our vision is to create user friendly, yet unique solutions to niche markets in various industries.

We currently have unique systems on the market servicing the veterinary, legal, auditing, insurance and banking fraternities.

Vetmaster was born from the need of one of our company directors’ own vet in the late 1990’s.

It began as a small point of sale database system, but very quickly grew into a full blown, multi-functional veterinary practice management system.

We are proud to say that we are truly South African and have a company policy to only employ people who have a university degree in software development.

After having the first VETMASTER successfully on the market for 10 years we needed to re-design our system. After doing research by not only looking at the world’s top veterinary systems, but also by listening to our clients in the market place, we have successfully redesigned and developed the NEW VETMASTER!

We are enjoying the results of all the hard work and hours of planning and testing by seeing how well VETMASTER is being accepted into the market.

We live by the philosophy “a system is dynamic & living and will always change & evolve as long as it is in use”. These changes depend upon the feedback from all our clients while using our system. The FORUM on this website has been included with this in mind and we invite you now to take part in it by giving us your views & ideas.

We appreciate any positive recommendations you will make and will include them in our “to-do” list if it is something that will help us to continue to improve & develop a better VETMASTER for all our users across the globe.