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Developed in South Africa, with the expert knowledge of vets and computer software specialists, using state of the art technology.

The Latest release of the VETMASTER praactice management system is ideally suited for veterinary practices both big & small, vet shops, boarding kennels and grooming parlours alike.

The Vetmaster program uses the most advanced technology available as well as over 40 years of combined knowledge & expertise, thus placing it at the forefront of computer science for the veterinary industry. It is equally well supported on the veterinary side, with valuable insight & expertise gained from many years of in practice experience of local & international markets, being supplied by the well known Dr Bruce Stevenson.


Vetmaster is part of the LIBRALEX group of companies. Libralex was founded in 1990 as a software development company specialising in  unique systems for niche markets.

Our vision is to create user friendly, yet unique solutions to niche markets in various industries.

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NEW features in VETMASTER:

•           We added a link to NETCASH – a payment portal for every practice to be able to let their clients pay in 8 different ways – it will also give a reconcealing              report every morning on who paid the previous day and automatically update the clients account in VETMASTER.

•           Umbrella thorn debt database – we added this feature to VETMASTER to help the practices to identify clients who does not pay at many different                        practices – Practices save thousands of rands just by being protected by this service.

•           Fever tree loan supplier to your clients – this is added into VETMASTER just to help a client who has a shortage in funds to pay for a procedure. The                    practice will then be sure of payment up front.

•           Link to Fuse and Idexx blood test machines.

•           Link to Xray and any image platform through the company IMEMED – This is a first in the world and can be a great advantage to practices.

•           Vetmaster has a mini VETMASTER on a tablet for the  reception desk to let the practices’ clients fill in their own details or check it.

•           Tablet for farm visits and even to take payments at the farm.

•           We are rolling out a full blown Online Vetshop for practices which is incorporated in VETMASTER to handle stock control, payments etc.

•           Vetmaster will go live in the middle of the year being a WEB-BASED system and it will run in a browser.

•           We will add an online appointment booking system for the advantage of your clients.

•           We are working on a practice management service to help practices with using VETMASTER to the fullest.

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Dr. Le-Anne Kleynhans from Bromhof Veterinary Clinic writes:

Hi Marianne

I just want to say thank you and well done to you and your VM team. I bug you guys with questions or issues at least once a week (if not more J and your staff are always so helpful, so amazing and so friendly and always help me. So well done – I know how hard it is to lead a team and you are getting something very right. Please tell everyone at VM they are very appreciated! Especially Stefan and Shaun who always come to our rescue…

Dr. Casper van Heerden from Roodekruin Dierekliniek writes:

Dear Reader,

In the society we live in today, everybody always complains before they compliment. This happens to me on a daily basis being a veterinarian serving people everyday of my life. It is always easier to complain about something that is perceived to be wrong or incorrect regarding client service.   

Consequently, I made a conscious decision to complement someone where compliments are due about a service rendered. That way I find it a lot easier to deal with people complaining on a daily basis, because I know I am making …

Dr. D.D. Coyne from Gaborone Veterinary Clinic writes:

About a year and a half ago, we started looking around for a new “Veterinary” computer program as our one at the time – was becoming frustrating to use and was not able to do searches and reminders that our growing practice required. We looked at 3 other programs but decided to upgrade from the old Vetmaster to the new Vetmaster. The data conversion was an extremely easy process and the training took a day. It is a very user friendly system –with a excellent management side. We are now able to do detailed patient …


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